Why Should Product Photos Appeal to Filipino Centennials?

Shooting Table and studio lighting system

Technology makes shopping more convenient for many Filipinos.  Consumers buy almost anything using their smartphone, without leaving their home and braving the congested traffic in the city to go to a shopping mall.

A CNN Philippines report says about 67 million Filipinos were active online on January 2018, which is 12 percent higher than the previous year. This makes the country an ideal place for e-commerce to thrive. In 2019, experts expect e-commerce revenue to grow to P53 trillion from P44 trillion in 2018.

And an effective way to make the most of that opportunity is to improve your product photos to entice Filipino centennials, or those who were born in the mid-1990s.

Young Adult Filipinos are Major Online Consumers

Filipino centennials are mobile natives, making them an essential and influential segment of the e-commerce market. A study suggests this demographic is excited about digital retail formats. Last year, Filipino online consumers participated in online-led shopping events by online retailers Lazada and Shopee.

The top categories that Filipino shoppers buy online include:

  • Fashion (70 percent)
  • Beauty (48 percent)
  • Home and Living (37 percent)
  • Food and groceries (22 percent)

The study also reveals 71 percent of consumers frequently browse products online before buying them in-store. It’s vital to provide visitors with high-quality product images to help them decide whether to buy. You can find commercial photographers in the Philippines to help you produce such photos.

Quality Product Images Influence Shopping Decisions

Unlike shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, consumers can’t feel or fit items when they shop online. You can help them scrutinize your products by using clear, sharp images on your website. A report by eMarketer explains visuals found on the product page drive and inform a purchase.

Analysts say static images deliver enough information and provide a seamless engagement at the same time. Product images are likely to engage consumers than product videos because a video consumes more data and takes time to load and watch.

Although a majority of online shoppers is satisfied with standard product images, you may also consider including 360-degree photos of your products to help visitors explore their features further.

Take Product Photos that Sell

Taking a product photo of a shoe

You shouldn’t only limit your product photos on a white background. Use your creativity to create images that stand out and appeal to Filipino centennials. Here are three tips to help you start:

  • Explore your smartphone’s camera features – most smartphones today have advanced camera features that function like DSLR cameras. Smartphone cameras are also more convenient to use than traditional cameras. But photos taken using professional cameras will still have better quality.
  • Proper lighting is a key ingredient – use natural light when possible and artificial light to create a specific look for your photos. Each option has its pros and cons, but both are crucial to the result of your photos. You should understand different subjects require different lighting.
  • Use a tripod when taking photos – a tripod is a piece of handy equipment for product photography because it helps you produce consistent product photos for your website. It holds your camera in place during a photoshoot session with multiple products.

Marketing to young Filipino shoppers helps you grow your e-commerce business as long as you understand their shopping behavior. Use the right photography equipment and lighting to create eye-catching product images you can use on your website. With the right execution, you’ll attract young consumers and increase your website traffic.

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