How to Make Your Product Photos Look Good on Instagram

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Gone are the days when the photos you took with your mobile phones were grainy and blurry. Today, iPhones and Android phones take incredible DSLR-quality photos. You don’t actually have an excuse to post low-quality photos on your business’ Instagram page. Just because someone sees your products on Instagram doesn’t mean that they’ll buy it. There’s a lot at stake on the quality of your photos because your market will gravitate only toward better-quality photos.

Learning how to edit jewelry photos, for instance, will give you a better chance at attracting your target market. Photos are the only way to convey the quality of your products. They should be as real as possible—almost as if the viewer can feel and touch the product through your photos.

If you want to drive the popularity of your products on Instagram, here are some tips for you:

Use Natural Light

The number one rule of taking amazing photos is to use natural light. Go outdoors to take that photo you need, no matter how ridiculous you look flat-laying all your products on your patio or backyard. If you are shooting indoors, shoot near the window or door to get as much natural light as you can. Even at night, find sources of ambient lighting such as street lights and store windows. Avoid using your flash because it can make a subject look washed out.

Invest in Neutral Backgrounds

Use only white, off-white, or gray background for your product photos. It’s hard for any subject to stand out before a colorful background. All you need is a nice white wall as your background. You can use foam boards, a white table, or a white cloth for flat lays. Always prefer white backdrops because off-white and cream, although neutral, are more difficult to use.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is perhaps the most popular photo composition principle that everyone follows. Basically, it means dividing (whether in your imagination or with gridlines) the viewpoint or screen in a 3×3 grid. This will help you balance your photo by putting the subject in the center or on the sides as long as there’s another object on the other side that will put a balance on the image. This is called a balanced asymmetry.

Have a Consistent Style

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You’ve probably heard others using the term feed goals, right? Feed goals do not refer to only the quality of the photos on an Instagram feed but also to the consistency of colors, textures, editing, props, and lighting used on all the photos. You want all your photos to have a cohesive look. This is why some social media influencers even have photo filters named after them. Consistency will improve the credibility of your brand.

The worst thing you can do on your Instagram feed is to ignore the elements that attract your market in the first place. Spending a couple of minutes to edit the photos, put the filters on, and post them on social media is well worth the effort. You will see how the improvement in your Instagram feed will attract the right market through increased likes and engagement on your comments section.

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