‘Rustify’ Your Home in 5 Easy Ways

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Are you looking forward to ‘rustify’ or give your home a time-hewn, rural appeal? If you do, then you sure have a lot of things to consider and perform to achieve such a unique and captivating look.

Rustic homes are highly sought-after for their subdued, yet awe-inspiring appeal that is sure to make heads turn. Many property owners spend quite a fortune just to give their homes this unique rural appearance, which is worth it given the sheer number of compliments they receive from mesmerized guests and passers-by. Fortunately, there are some simple but proven ways to make any private residence look every inch a rustic abode.

Here are five ways to give your home that enviable rustic beauty:

Beam them up

Do you want to achieve a barn-like appeal for your interior and exterior spaces? Then consider using top-notch barnwood beams and posts from a trusted supplier near you. When combined with barnwood posts, these beams are perfect decorative pieces to turn ceilings, fireplace mantels, and pergolas into rustic creations. There are many types of barnwood beams that you may choose from to achieve your desired appeal.

Go for handmade furniture. Among the most iconic elements of any rustic-themed home are handmade furniture pieces like chairs, sofas, and dining tables. These are usually made from wooden boards, logs, and natural fiber such as abaca. Fortunately, there are practically thousands of rustic furniture items that you can order online or from an artisan shop that specializes in such decorative pieces.

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Use natural textiles

When people think of rustic elements, pictures of natural textiles almost always come to mind. Canvas pillow sheets, animal skin wall pieces, wool rugs – these are just some of the decorative elements made of natural textiles that you can incorporate in your setup. You can browse online for inspiration or ask for recommendations from friends or neighbors who have similar rustic-themed homes.

Go liberal on wood and stones

You can’t go wrong with your home’s ‘rustification’ when you use a lot of wood and stone in your decors. Wood for your floors, handrails, posts, and ceilings; stones for your wall claddings, fireplace, and deck. These decorative elements scream rustic in every angle so you should invest in them to achieve an authentic pastoral appeal.

Gun for a cozy and warm color palette

One of the standout characteristics of every rustic-themed property is the visible use of color palette that closely resembles nature. Whether for your furniture pieces or your wall paints, go for a warm and cozy color scheme to exude a truly rustic appeal. Among others, use a lot of tans, browns, brick reds, beiges, and grays both inside and outside of your home – on walls, ceilings, decors, and the like. By gunning for such earthy color tones, you can truly make your property as rustic as possible.

Be sure to incorporate these suggestions and research further to know other rustic elements that you can apply to your theme. By experimenting on a wide range of rustic design elements, you can find the perfect look that would make your home a truly cozy place to live.

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