A Living Room Worth Living In: Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room

Cozy living room

When you go home from work, or enjoy your weekend off at home, you’d want to have a living room that’s cozy. A place that’s warm and welcoming that encourages you to sit down, unwind, grab a book, and just relax. Your living room doesn’t have to be small and intimate to be cozy, it just has to be inviting and comfy enough that you and everyone in the house can snugly stay there for hours. So, let’s take a look at ways and tips you can cozy up your living room:

Plants: Bringing the Outside In

Plants can have a calming and natural effect inside one’s living room; it makes the living room feel “alive” and “breathing”. Tall potted plants can fill in your living room’s empty corners and can fill up vertical spaces, just make sure that there’s enough light coming through in order for the plants to survive and don’t forget to water them. Apart from plants, you can also incorporate other natural elements such as logs, stones, and other outdoor elements as long as it fits your aesthetic and style.

Books, Magazines, and Albums

You can arrange books on shelves, coffee tables, or on a magazine rack or basket in your living room. Books, magazines, and albums can give you and your guests something to pass the time with, but they also give the impression and feeling that the living room is actually “lived in”. You can even go to local bookshops offering discount hardbound books, and choose different colored and textured books as a way to somehow decorate your shelves and coffee table.

Oddities and Collections

Another way of making your living room feel like lived in and cozy is by displaying trinkets and collections. You can put figurines, rocks, gems, hats, embroideries and any other unique items you’ve collected in your travels around the living room. Not only do they give your living room a certain level of “whimsy” but can be a great conversational starter.

Area Rugs

An area rug can bring tie the whole room together, not to mention it feels great against your bare feet. Area rugs can be surrounded by chairs and sofas, with a coffee table in the middle, serving as some sort of conversation area. And if it’s game night, or when you’re watching a movie or series with friends and family, a rug can serve as an additional sit-down area when you run out of space on your sofas and chairs.

A Friendly Fireplace

Beautiful Furnished Living Room Interior in New Luxury Home with Fireplace, Couches, Chairs, and Television

No feature can make your living room feel as cozy as having a fireplace with antique surrounds made of wood or marble. Not only does it keep your living room warm and comfortably lit, but it somehow draws obliges the homeowner to arrange the furniture to face it or orient towards it. With the sofa, chairs, and furniture drawn towards it, those in the living room are more likely to be facing or be near each other. In a way, a fireplace ties the room — and the people in it — together, and what’s cozier than that?


Having a comfy living room can help you unwind and de-stress from work and daily life. So follow these simple tips to make your living room cozy, and have your own little slice of heaven to share with friends, family, and even pets.

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