Why You Should Offer Free Wi-Fi in Your Store to Boost Sales

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In the age of social media and the rise of hyper productivity, everyone seems to be constantly checking for app notifications and work email. Adults and children alike are glued to their phones and devices 24/7, which means that almost everyone’s on the constant lookout for Wi-Fi connections.

With most people constantly searching for a way to connect to the Internet, business owners definitely benefit from providing their clientele with a free Wi-Fi connection in their stores. To further convince you of the advantages that getting business broadband Internet can bring to your business, here are some ways offering free Wi-Fi to the customers can boost your foot traffic and sales.

It is an efficient marketing strategy

In some stores, before a customer signs in to their Wi-Fi network, a splash or landing page will pop up to advertise some of the store’s real-time offers or a tailored message promoting the business.  In addition to this, you can also use the opportunity to broadcast your brand by using a personalized Wi-Fi network name such as “Marie’s Strawberry Cakes Free Wi-Fi.” Being able to connect freely can also allow your customers to easily share photos or “check in” at your store in real time. This way, your clients are the ones who will be doing the marketing for you using social media.

It provides your clients with an improved customer experience

According to a survey conducted by Devicescape, almost 62% of businesses claim that their clients stay longer on the premises when they offer free Wi-Fi. By providing Wi-Fi access, your customers can stay productive in your shop. Thus, they will be more inclined to prolong their visit. The longer they stay, the higher the likelihood that they will encourage their friends and family to visit your business as well.

It makes your customers spend more

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The primary goal for most, if not all, businesses is to drive sales and increase profit. This can be accomplished by utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity. Among the businesses surveyed, half reported that their clients tend to spend more when the store offers free Wi-Fi. In addition, longer visits to your place will also naturally lead to more purchases, especially if your business is food-related.

It gives you a competitive advantage

The same study by Devicescape yielded a whopping 72% success rate for businesses who offered free Wi-Fi to increase foot traffic. Before customers visit certain places, they undergo an automatic process of elimination based on which shops offer free Wi-Fi. In this respect, those that provide their clients with free Wi-Fi get a greater advantage over those that don’t. Nowadays, customers go to places, such as bookstores, coffee shops, or even laundry shops, expecting free Wi-Fi.

If you’re looking for an effective and surefire way to boost your sales, offering free Wi-Fi to your customers might just be the best business decision that you’re going to make. After all, aside from being a proven and cost-efficient way of marketing, you will also be able to provide your consumers with enhanced customer experience.

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