What Things Can You Learn from Sports Motivational Speeches?

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You would think that athletes are already doing great in their respective fields that they no longer need some pushing. Well, that’s a wrong misconception. Even athletes are bound to feel inadequate at times that getting strong support and motivation from their coaches, supporters, and loved ones is a big thing. Through this, athletes become great players. In turn, they also become motivational speakers who encourage other people to do their thing and be great.

Do you look up to athletes? You should attend or even organize athlete autograph appearances to learn more and be motivated. Below are some motivational speeches of people from this field that will inspire you.

Giving Your Best Shot

Coach Frank Carroll told skater Gracie Cold in the 2014 Olympics to thing about her love for skating. “Do it for love” is giving your all in whatever you’re doing. This isn’t just about sports, but can be translated to other things such as writing, art, mathematics, etc. It means being focused because you’re doing something you are passionate about.

“Next play” is the mantra of Coach Mike “K” Krzyzewski from the Duke University basketball team. The motto is a great way to say that you should leave whatever mistakes in the past. Nobody is perfect and there are times you will lose focus. What’s important is you rise and you claim success and hard work in everything you do.

Coach Derrick Moore from the Georgia Tech football team said, “I know your heart.” in a speech he made in 2007. The coach talked about how he felt privileged to work with the team. He mentioned that he knows the team’s intentions, thus “I know your heart” was born. This is a good motivational speech for people who have the risk of getting lost. Sometimes, people experience confusion in the middle of a game, an event they’ve waited so long, or anything that they’re doing. Someone telling you that they know and is proud of your intentions is a relief.

Getting in the Zone

Another motto that coach Frank Carroll told Gracie Gold is to be excellent and not a perfectionist. He told her that the best skater wins and not the perfectionist. Being a perfectionist can affect someone’s play and focus. That’s because perfectionists can lose focus because they’re so keen on winning. While everyone aims to win, you should also think about the love you have for the things you are doing. Be good at what you do and the wins will come.

On the other hand, coach of Boston College Eagles Steve Addazio said, “We’re BC.” This pertains to belongingness to a team. He said that to remind the players that they’re part of a family. Whatever you’re doing, being part of something like advocacy or a group of people all aiming for greatness is amazing. As they say “no man is an island.” You need people who can teach you and from whom you will learn. You need an emotional connection so you don’t turn into a living robot.

Former basketball player and coach Phil Jackson said, “Create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome” in his book Eleven Rings. When you practice for success, you do everything to be good at what you do. You aim high but you don’t know the outcome. What if the outcome is not good like you might lose? What will be your reaction? The saying demands that you let go of the outcome. This means accepting if you lose but preparing to win.

Creating a Positive Mindset

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Carol Dweck who is the author of “Mindset” said “Cultivate a learning mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Having a learning mindset means you’re open to discovering new things. On the other hand, having a fixed mindset hinders your growth as an individual.

Lastly, there’s the saying that goes “use setbacks as motivation.” It’s important to accept that you can’t win all the time but you can use your losses as learning avenues to become better the next time. Take some time off to hone your skills and practice.

Motivational speeches encourage individuals to form a positive mindset. Truly, you can’t please everyone, you can’t win all the time, and you won’t always be the best but you’re one step closer to succeeding when you’re trying. Always remember that when you feel like giving up.

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