4 Tips for Preventing Unauthorized Entry into Your Business

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Ensuring the security of your business is an absolute necessity. Unauthorized people entering your premises can cause significant damage to financial and irreplaceable items like confidential information and documents. So as a business owner, it’s crucial to take measures to prevent such incidences. To help you out, here are four tips that will keep your business safe from unauthorized entry.

1. Install Access Control Systems

Access control systems are essential for keeping intruders at bay. These systems include card readers with keypads or biometrics (fingerprint or eye scan), ensuring authorized personnel gain entry into restricted areas within the building. Additionally, these systems work on time-based access rules, so you can set specific times of the day when entry is prohibited.

Installing an access control system is not difficult as long as the right components are selected. When selecting the system, it is vital to consider the size of the premises, type of doors and walls, area lighting condition, security threat level, and budget. Depending on these factors, you can choose from door contacts, magnetic locks and electric strikes, keypads, card readers, video surveillance systems, and biometrics.

When installing an access control system, it is essential to ensure that the entry door of each restricted area is wired correctly. This includes connecting all the wires from switches, card readers, keypads, and locks to the control panel. The installation should be done to allow easy removal without damaging any component. Additionally, you should also consider the security of their access control system. This includes setting up a secure password, using an encrypted wireless connection, and enabling two-factor authentication.

2. Invest in Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a great way to monitor any suspicious activity around your business premises. Installing CCTV cameras at key spots around the building and its entrances allows you to keep an eye on all movement, ensuring that no one enters without permission or authorization. Furthermore, having a monitoring room equipped with multiple monitors and 24/7 surveillance personnel gives you an extra layer of protection from malicious behavior or activities inside your building.

The installation of a CCTV system can also be used as an effective deterrent to crime. Studies have shown that offenders tend to avoid areas where surveillance is present, thus reducing the risk of criminal activity. Moreover, this type of security measure provides evidence and recordings which can be used by the police or other law enforcement agencies should an incident occur.

Besides providing real-time monitoring and security of the premises, an effective CCTV system also offers remote access to recordings for future reference. Businesses no longer need to worry about scouring through countless hours of footage as the tapes can be easily accessed and retrieved with the click of a button.

3. Use Personnel for Added Security

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Apart from using technology for security measures, it’s best to employ personnel who can be stationed at the entrance of your building. This helps to keep a closer eye on the comings and goings, ensuring no one can enter without authorization.

The personnel can verify visitors’ identification and ensure their access requirements are in order. Furthermore, they can keep an eye on the premises to ensure that nothing suspicious is happening. This will help to minimize the risk of theft or vandalism within your building.

Outside of security, personnel can also provide customer support. For example, they can answer guest inquiries, provide directions, and help them find the appropriate office or contact. This way, personnel can be a valuable asset to a business’s security system.

4. Secure all Entry Points

It’s vital to secure all the entry points into your business premises. Ensure all windows and doors are equipped with durable locks and reinforced frames, so they can’t be forced open quickly. Additionally, check if there are any weak spots around the building or its perimeter which could be used as easy access points, and make sure you reinforce them accordingly.

You can also supplement your security by investing in a robust door security solution. Sargent Mortise bolts offer a great combination of strength and convenience for business owners looking to add an extra layer of safety to their premises. These locks are constructed with heavy-duty steel components designed to withstand forced entry attempts from even the most determined intruders. The locks come with an adjustable backset and latch, allowing you to customize them for a perfect fit on your door quickly.

In Summary

These four tips can help prevent unauthorized entry into your business premises. Keeping up with the latest security measures ensures that your business remains secure from threats or intruders. Additionally, taking the necessary steps to ensure physical security also helps to protect against other issues, such as theft or vandalism, which can be equally damaging to any company. By following these tips, you can rest assured knowing that you’re doing everything possible to keep unwanted visitors away from your business.

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