The Customized Pen: Don’t Write It Off as a Marketing Tool


Online strategies are taking center stage, but traditional methods haven’t lost their impact. One of those methods is the promotional product, which doesn’t just boost brand visibility but also secure customer loyalty.

And a good product to tack on your logo to is the mighty pen. For one thing, it’s a cheap way to market your business. For another thing, it’s effective in delivering repeat impressions and brand recognition, letting you generate more revenue.

What Will Promotional Pens Cost?

Custom pens for business create brand awareness without the big marketing spend. They are a reliable and affordable way to introduce your company, promote your products and services, and thank loyal customers. But how much does it cost to get some made?

A typical promotional pen can cost as low as $0.10 for each ball plastic pen and as high as $35 for each high-quality custom work. Promotional pens designed for a high-end market, like CEOs and VIP clients, can feature fine finishing (e.g., gold-plated pocket clip), engraving, and luxurious extras, like a presentation box. A custom pen like this would be at the high end of the price point, but it’s a suitable choice for your intended recipients.

The more features your pen has, the more investment you want to make. Because there’s simply no reason to buy branded giveaway pens in bulk when it’s not going to be used by your market. The only way to ensure usage is to provide them with high-quality items that look appealing and function well for many months.

What Makes a Good Custom Pen?

Promotional pens aren’t just cheap to make, but also the easiest to pack and give away. So they are one of the more popular items for brands to distribute at conferences and exhibits, during holidays, and promotional events. If your competitor’s giving away the same item, how do you differentiate your branded pen?

Look to trends in promotional products for guidance. According to a report from the Global Ad Impressions Study, people prefer multi-purpose and multi-functional giveaways. This trend is fueled by a need to carry around fewer items.

A good example is this laser-engraved ballpoint pen from Graphica. It’s not just a pen but a ruler, screwdriver, and spiritual level, too. Think about what your recipients would want or need in a pen. Maybe your customers don’t need too many MacGyver-type tools and would appreciate a simple built-in flashlight.

The nature of your business is also a crucial factor. For example, a tech company could customize executive pens into USBs whereas an events company could add a stress ball on a ballpoint pen.

Whatever features you decide to add, make sure your customized pens last a long while and display your brand and colors well. Choose the right style (e.g. ballpoint, rollerball) and ink (e.g., gel, liquid) and choose products made in the US to ensure quality.

Writing instruments top the list of popular promotional items, taking up 89 percent of the market. Nine in 10 say they own one and 51 percent say they’d do business with the company that sent them the custom pen.

Clearly, this cost-effective promotional item has the mighty impact you need to generate business.woman working at her desk

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