Small Business Ideas for the Pandemic: Business Booming at Home


The U.S. business sector has experienced drastic changes during the past months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this, a lot of people are concerned about their businesses. Some have been lucky enough to have started profitable enterprises during the pandemic, while others have yet to get started.

There are some businesses that have proven to be pandemic-proof. Most of these are connected with the food industry, while others provide an important service to locked-down residents. There are some businesses in the beleaguered vehicle industry that have been surprisingly profitable. A few of these are in the transport buses or RVs for sale niche, among others.

However, what we’re about to discuss here are businesses that you can start, on your own, from your home. Here’s how you can make money by owning your very own business and without even needing to leave the safety of your living room.

Selling Pandemic Essentials

There are many essential items that people need during their lockdown from home. Most of these are in the health and sanitation sector but will inevitably need to go out. That’s when the business of selling hand sanitizers and face masks come in.

This isn’t the first pandemic, and it most certainly wouldn’t be the last. Sanitizers and face masks are in great demand due to the need to protect yourself from viruses in the air, not to mention avoid becoming a carrier. Most sanitizers were sold out at the beginning of the pandemic, and it’s safe to say that the demand hasn’t gone down.

You could start selling them at an online shop. With this kind of demand, selling at even an affordable price will give you the profit you’re looking for.

Deliveries Under Lockdown

With people unable to leave their homes, it’s hard to get vital supplies and necessities like food and other items. This is where a delivery business can make some serious money.

There are a lot of businesses and services that can benefit greatly from delivery. For starters, food and medicine are needed most by people. A delivery service can make a deal with companies for them to sell supplies to people.

A home delivery service could be an important part of other companies’ day-to-day businesses. The key here is to sense which online stores need you and offer your service at reasonable rates.

Grocery Deliveries

Groceries will always be essential to people locked down due to the pandemic. Stores aren’t shut down mostly, but they are allowed to operate under limited capacity. People can start a grocery store during the pandemic and from home, but they’ll still need to get those goods to the people buying them.

grocery delivery

If you’ve got the essential goods, then you’ll need a trusted delivery service to ferry those goods. You can use your own delivery service to cut on costs and make the packages more secure. On the other hand, if you know a separate service or someone you can trust, you can have them deliver your groceries and goods for you.

Cleaning Up with Cleaning Services

Just because people are at home, that doesn’t mean that they won’t call up cleaning services to make sure their homes are disinfected and safe from the virus. If you’re running a cleaning service, your business is one of the pandemic-proof enterprises available.

Just make sure that you have all the safety protocols memorized and your crew all geared up. Make sure that no one is infected, too—you wouldn’t want to go down as the cleaning service that spread the virus rather than make sure that it’s removed through disinfection.

Pastimes for the Bored

If you own an online board game or video game store, you’re in luck. Many people are currently in their homes with nothing to do; even those that have jobs at home will need recreation at one point, and there are people who’d prefer to play games rather than watch movies all day.

Board games and video games are in high demand right now. People who are stuck at home with their families will want to involve as many people as they can in board games. Video games are also a very entertaining pastime. If this is your business, then consider yourself lucky enough.

There are a lot of businesses that can tide people over during the pandemic, but if you’re already doing one of these listed above, then you can consider yourself safe from finding yourself without money. Remember to stay safe while doing your business, though, and you’re in good hands.

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