How to Secure Your Motorcycle Against Theft

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Motorcycles are a great alternative to regular cars. They are affordable, easy to park, quick to get on the road, and fun to drive.

They have the stereotype that they are for more adventurous drivers. Compared to a car, if you’re driving a motorcycle, you’re not completely protected from the environment. If you crash, there are no car doors and roofs to keep you safe.

So, many people buy motorcycles not because of their costs. If you enjoy motorcycles for the fun of them, you want to keep your investment secure. There are motorcycles that are very expensive which makes them very attractive to thieves.

If you have a more expensive motorcycle, it’s extremely important that you protect it against thieves. Sure, motorcycle insurance can help you recover if it’s stolen, but who wants to deal with an ugly situation like that?

There are a few simple measures that you can take to avoid motorcycle theft. All it takes is a couple of minutes to set them up, and they’ll go a long way toward keeping your bike safe.

Buy a GPS

There are GPS tracking devices specifically for motorcycles. They are small, so you can fit them anywhere. Some come with voice alerts which will let you know if someone is messing with your bike or if it’s being moved. If your GPS tracker picks up on movement, it’ll send you an alert so that you can catch the thief in action.

In the event that your motorcycle is stolen, you can also access its location in real-time via a connected smartphone app or Google Maps. That way, you can take it back and even apprehend the thief or thieves with the help of law enforcement.

Use a Strong Chain and Lock

A chain wired through your front wheel or around one of the frame elements of your motorcycle is one of the best ways to make sure that it won’t be stolen. Make sure you buy a strong lock for maximum security.

A good lock shouldn’t be easy to cut through with bolt cutters.

Using a strong lock is crucial. You can buy motorcycle locks that are specially made for motorcycles, but any good security lock will do the job. Just make sure you’re using it properly. For example, don’t leave your key in the lock with the chain wrapped around it because thieves might pick up on that.

There are small locks that can be attached to the motorcycle grip which prevents the thief from riding it away. It’s difficult to remove and serves as a great additional security measure.

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Park Your Motorcycle in a Well-Lit Area

This goes without saying, but if there are no lights around where you park your bike, it’s better to risk parking it somewhere else. Thieves tend to avoid places that are well lit because they know that it’ll be easier for them to get caught. That’s why finding a place with good lighting should be your first step when choosing where to park your motorcycle.

When at home, you can also use motion-activated lights which will serve as a deterrent to thieves. If someone tries to steal the motorcycle, the sudden blast of light will stun them and inform everyone around that someone might be stealing something.

Always Keep an Eye on It

If you have the option, try not to leave your motorcycle alone outside at night or while you’re at work. The more eyes you have on it, the harder it’ll be for a thief to steal your bike without being noticed.

Park near as possible to the door, so that there will be witnesses when the thief tries to take it.

Don’t Put Off Getting Insurance

You shouldn’t wait too long after buying a motorcycle before you get insurance. Some of the most expensive motorcycles can’t be insured after a certain number of days, so if you delay getting it, your coverage might not go through in time.

Make sure you’re covered for theft and damage when buying insurance for your motorcycle. Even if they’re not included in the standard package, these two need to be included if you want your coverage to go through quickly.

Now that you know what it takes to make your motorcycle harder for thieves to steal, you can rest easy knowing that all the risks have been minimized. You’ll enjoy peace of mind without having to spend a small fortune on security features that will do little more than take up space in your garage.

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