Things to Avoid That Can Hurt Your Brand Marketing Online


Online marketing has become one of the most used marketing strategies today. Thanks to technological advancements, brands are now able to reach more audiences. That’s the power of online marketing. It builds bridges to demographics business owners never knew they could reach out to. This is why online marketing’s importance has been recognized over the years because of its efficiency.

But there are times business owners may be forgetting that they can still have lapsed. The lack of proper knowledge in online marketing may affect brands negatively. Worse is, you won’t be able to immediately notice it until it’s already happening. You’d notice an immediate revenue dip right after your online engagements lessen. This is something you don’t want to happen if you’re running a business. That’s especially if you’re relying on online marketing to promote your brand.

So how can you assure a smooth-flowing business venture? We’ve listed things you need to avoid doing when marketing your business online.

Negative marketing

While it may be fun to fight with your rival business online, this may not always be perceived as a good look by clients. That’s true, and it may affect you more if you’re the one attacking your competition. There’s a possibility that people will look at your business through a negative lens. Some will think that you don’t have much to offer; that’s why you’re attacking the other business.

That’s going to taint your brand’s image if people pick up that perception. Aside from that, negative campaigning is not productive. That’s because you could focus on your brand instead of putting down others. Highlight your business’s positive milestones. That will be more helpful than focusing on damaging other businesses’ reputations.

Lack of ad campaigns

Ad campaigns are one of the main reasons you’re marketing your brand online. It won’t make sense if you don’t take advantage of them if your business has already gone digital. The lack of ad campaigns would surely lower your audience engagements. Brands often use advertisements to be buzz-worthy every once in a while.

If you don’t have anything up your sleeves, people will run out of things to talk about that is related to your brand. Get someone who could do ad campaigns for you. Even a simple yet stunning animated promotional video production would do. That’s the only way to boost your engagements with clients through online marketing.

Irregular social media updates

You may already have an idea of how social media algorithm works. The things you see on your feed are mostly related to all the things you’ve previously liked, shared, or just stared at. This is how brands thrive when it comes to social media marketing. They make sure they feed people content that is interesting. This way, their brand would always come up to the feeds of people who showed interest in their social media presence.

The thing here is they make sure that they produce content regularly. Otherwise, they may fail the algorithm game. Fewer engagements could translate to less revenue for the business. Perhaps, it’s better if you have a social media manager who can handle this aspect of your business’s online marketing.

Ignoring negative feedback

customer rating

A survey reveals that nine out of ten consumers read reviews first before buying something online. It just makes sense since those reviews are the only ones people could rely on. People know that brands would only say all the things that are good about them. That’s why online reviews are necessary for transparency.

However, you have to be keen on negative reviews about your brand. They could be damaging and may affect your business in the worst ways. Never ignore negative feedback from customers. You always have to be on damage control mode right after seeing the negative review. Prepared templates and acknowledgment of mistakes should be your initial responses.

Slow resolution to complaints

Speaking of negative feedback, automatically, the next thing you’ll be focusing on is resolving the issue. Acknowledging the lapses is good, but it will never satisfy your customers. You should also never delay the resolution of the customer’s complaint.

It’s important to assure them, even online, that their concerns will be addressed as soon as possible. You must set their expectations. Give a reasonable and realistic timeframe to resolve their issues. Once the issue has been resolved, go back to them online and show all the people you’ve resolved the problem within the timeframe. That’s one way to redeem yourself from the mistake your brand has made.

It looks like online marketing is never going away any time soon. As someone who markets a brand, you should always know how to properly do it online. Your business’s success depends on how you manage your brand’s online marketing strategy.

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