Renovating vs. Building a New Home: Knowing the Equipment Needed


The demand for home renovations carries on, and new trends are expected. As such, today is a good time to master your DIY skills in construction. Likewise, it’s an opportune time to start a small construction company. But what are the things you need to nail a project?

Equipment is critical in construction. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, you shouldn’t settle for low-quality, cheap equipment. But it’s not always necessary to spend loads, either. The key is knowing which type of equipment to use for a specific project.

For instance, if you’re renovating a home, you don’t need all the equipment to build a new home. But if you’re building from scratch, the equipment for a renovation comes in handy, too. Hence, you need to choose which of the two projects you’d be more comfortable in. If you’re an amateur, chances are you’d go for renovations. Your own home itself is your first project anyway.

Business-savvy construction pros, meanwhile, would most likely target both projects. But renovation contractors exist, too. Focusing on renovation can help you target more diverse clients. On the other hand, being a new build contractor can make you face strong prospects, as the housing market should improve for buyers this year.

Regardless of your specialty, you need to know the difference between the equipment for renovation and building new homes.


Home Renovation Equipment

Renovating a home can be as taxing as building a new one. But since you won’t touch the foundation in most cases, the following equipment can start and end the process successfully:

  • Excavator

Excavators are earth-moving equipment primarily used for digging trenches, holes, and foundations. But for a home renovation, they can help you take out an entire room. This machine can demolish even the sturdiest material, like concrete. It is sometimes called backhoes, but a backhoe is a specific kind of excavator.

  • Bulldozer

If a renovation project includes landscaping, a bulldozer will be necessary. It pushes sand, soil, and other materials. However, a bulldozer can be too big and heavy for a residential project, so you’d see them more often in larger-scale construction works, like bridges or roads. Hence, you may use it more for commercial property renovations than homes.

  • Dump Truck

Dump trucks aren’t just for discarding materials. They also serve as a destination for dug-up soil or a loader for timber and other building materials.

  • Scraper

A scraper, or wheel-tractor scraper, allows you to scoop soil, sand, or gravel from a property.

  • Generator

This isn’t always essential, but if the site has problems with power, you’d need a generator for your power tools.

  • Submersible Pump

If the renovation project involves sewage and water line works, a submersible pump is needed. It helps fix drainage problems mechanically, sparing you from manually dredging up sludge from drains and/or sewers.

You might hear the terms renovation and remodeling often used interchangeably. But small differences lie between the two. Renovation is smaller in scope and involves restoration or upgrades. Remodeling means changing the structure or layout, so it’s bigger in scope. Hence, the equipment listed above also fits a remodeling project.

Equipment for Building a New Home

The six pieces of equipment above are also used for new builds, along with the following:

  • Backhoe Loader

There are various types of heavy-duty backhoe loaders for sale. They can come in compact sizes, too. A compact backhoe may work on home construction projects, especially if the land has meager square footage. This machine is a piece of earth-moving equipment similar to a farm tractor. It digs holes and trenches and places pipes and other materials.

  • Crane

For projects like condominiums and multi-story apartments, a crane may be necessary. Cranes lift materials and workers, reducing the risks for injuries when using ladders or scaffolding.

  • Heavy Hauler

Heavy haulers are similar to dump trucks, but they can also be designed for a specific function—for example, a concrete mixer truck. Heavy haulers transport oversized material and equipment to the site.

  • Crawler Loader

A crawler loader is a cross between an excavator and a backhoe. Compact, it works best on small sites. It can dig and move soil and debris and carry material onto trucks.

You’d need more sophisticated equipment for building a home from scratch. You’d be digging, prepping the soil, and moving material countless times. On the other hand, renovating a home can be focused on only one room or area.

Remodeling and building a home are the largest in scale. Hence, you shouldn’t settle for a small fleet of equipment for those projects. Heavy equipment is expensive, but they boost productivity, accelerate the process, and maximize your return on investment.

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