Maintaining a Healthy Kitchen Garden: The Dos

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Having a vegetable garden saves money on groceries. It is also a way of ensuring the consumption of fresh vegetables. A well-maintained vegetable garden is the surest guarantee of high-quality and high-quantity farm produce. Moreover, gardening is a physical activity that helps one keep fit. It also offers good mental exercise and serves as a natural stress reliever.


This involves the application of a layer of materials such as grass or hay on the soil. Mulches are of many kinds. One should, therefore, be careful when applying them to avoid destroying their vegetables. There are companies in Salt Lake City that supply mulches to farms. Mulches may be either organic or inorganic. Mulching is the best method to control weeds in your vegetable garden. Mulches block sunlight from reaching the soil, thus preventing the germination of weeds. Mulches also help reduce the risk of crop disease and increase the quality of the harvest.

MulchesBy covering the soil, mulches ensure that foliage leaves and fruits do not touch the soil and become infested with disease or rot due to humid conditions. Moreover, mulching is the best way to prepare for summer. It prevents the soil from drying out during summer by conserving soil moisture. It also improves the fertility and health of the soil by providing it with nutrients. It improves the texture of the soil. Aesthetically, mulching enhances the visual appeal of your vegetable garden. Temporary and permanent mulches are available and should be used in the maintenance of your kitchen garden.


As the caretaker, weeding poses the toughest challenge in maintaining a kitchen garden because weeds are resilient. They should be eradicated from your vegetable garden because they rob water, nutrients, and sunlight from your vegetables. Weeds provide a habitat for insects and other disease-causing organisms, which are harmful for the growth and reproduction of your vegetables.

Understanding the growth cycle of weeds will help you keep them at bay. They are easier to control in their early stages than when they are fully grown. Chopping off the weeds at ground level with a sharp hoe is the best way to control them. Persistent weeds will have to be cut off several times, but they eventually die. Keeping a clean vegetable garden ensures that your vegetables remain healthy and of high quality.

Watering a vegetable garden

Water is a requisite for cell structure, stability, and growth in a plant. Inadequate water will cause your plants to wilt or die, which lowers crop yield. Excessive water causes leaf rot and root diseases. Knowing the amount of water required for your vegetables and the time to water them is important.

Watering tomato gardenThe best time to water your plants is during the early morning hours. The roots can absorb enough water before sunrays cause evaporation. Watering in the heat of the day is wasteful because most of the water vaporizes. Besides, the hot water can shock and damage your plants. Watering the crops in the evening causes mildew and rot, which damage your plants.

Taking good care of your kitchen garden is essential for healthy vegetable products that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Knowing what to do and doing it right are important in the maintenance of a kitchen garden

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