Boosting Productivity by Designing a Functional Office Space

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The purpose of office spaces is for employees to have a place where they can fully concentrate on their tasks. Since work naturally comes with stress, no matter how much you love what you do, employers can provide the best facilities their employees can enjoy while rendering their shifts. Work and play cannot go hand in hand. However, you can use leisure activities to help bolster your staff’s productivity. Rewarding their hard work is only fitting given the circumstances.

Everyone is affected by the pandemic, and the individuals who still manage to focus on their work amidst chaotic times are on a whole new level of professionalism. Maintaining a healthy mentality during this trying period is already challenging, so meeting expectations is indeed commendable. Although you can’t combine work and play, you can give your employees a breathing space, so they can relax and clear their minds once the grind gets too taxing.

Here are some ideas you can try for an office space with functional areas great for both fun and work.

Let Them Doze in Your Sleeping Quarters

Most of the time, a mental block is due to a lack of sleep. It’s a fact that all creatives need a good nap. When your brain’s too tired, there’s no way you can crunch numbers or craft the perfect idea for a project. Staring at a computer screen for bouts of periods not only affects your eyesight but also subjects your neck and back to muscle strain.

You and your team can get the relaxing break you need after working solid hours by transforming a vacant room into sleeping quarters for you to catch some Zs. Placing comfortable pillows and a soft mattress can immediately usher anyone into dreamland and give them the power nap they need, so they can power through work.

Turn Your Rooftop Into a Hangout Spot

Taking a breather out in the open is one of the best ways of using the short breaks you have at work. Even though breaks are primarily for snacks or lunchtime, you can still let your personnel use theirs to inject a sliver of happiness into their shift. Besides talking with colleagues in the cafeteria or chatting by their desks in between breaks, you can modify your rooftop to look something like an elevated park.

Filling it with greens and flowers can give your staff a soothing feeling, given that fragrant scents will welcome them upon their entrance. If you have employees working nights, you can retrofit this place with fairy lights to enhance the ambiance.

Restaurant-esque Cafeteria

Good food is what gets most professionals through a day in the office. Most office workers content themselves with eating cold, mushy lunches to get the energy they need to continue working. Still, food is an experience that you shouldn’t give up on because exerting extra effort in your nourishment can do more than brighten your day.

Though not the top priority of applicants, free lunch is a factor that can lure them in. You can serve a variety of menus to suit the palette of your employees. To make it fun, having international cuisines on certain days will delight everyone’s taste buds every day.

Chill/De-stress Zone

Some people look at their phones and scroll through social media when they want to take their eyes off their work for a few minutes. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but there are other things you and your employees can turn to for a quick rest. For instance, you can have duckpin bowling installed in one of your common areas and give your staff an enjoyable activity they can engage in to help them move a bit and relieve stress, even for just a short while.

Setting up a TV with comfortable couches is another excellent way of helping your team ease away stress while on-site. Planning activities weekly, if possible, will help employees replenish their energy levels and power up for the coming work week. A perfect idea for weekly activities is physical fitness classes like Zumba, which are an excellent way to de-stress and keep your staff in shape.

Get an Office Pet


You’ll seldom meet people who don’t like animals, especially household pets. Pets are natural stress relievers, which you can also count on during busy days to coax individuals from their desks and take a much-needed break.

With a cat or a dog’s charm, no one can prevent themselves from taking a few minutes off to give these cuties pats and rubs. Office pets create a calming atmosphere, making it so that no matter how stressful the tasks you and your team have at hand, you can accomplish them with a breeze.

The office is a massive part of employee life. Without a comfortable and functional office space, getting things done can be a challenge. By renovating your workspaces to suit present demands, you give your staff what they deserve and motivate them to produce quality output.

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