Changing Your Workspace for Better Work Productivity

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Whether you work from home or have a cubicle or office space, the area where you do your work is an essential zone that should be conducive for getting things done. With a cluttered workspace, you can feel lazy, unmotivated, or even more stressed than you have to be. To make sure you have the best environment to get your tasks done, change up your area and cross these off the list.

Do a deep clean

Dirt, mess, and clutter can negatively affect how effectively you are working. Countless data has shown that not only do these factors make you feel more stressed and less productive, but they also waste a lot of time as you have to look for things and continuously rearrange items trying to get around your desk. Take out any unnecessary stuff, throw out any trash like crumpled papers, leftover food containers, and the like, and shop for some rags to clean up your desk. You can use it dry initially to get rid of dust and crumbs and wipe down your computer, then lightly wet it to get rid of any built-up grime on the desk.

Order things by their use

Since part of the issue with desk management is constantly having to look for what you need, figure out which items you most use and reach for so that you can arrange them more productively and conveniently. The way you set up your table can also help you have a clearer headspace if everything is organized.

Include some art and plants

The right visual elements can help you work better, too. Studies have shown that arranged art and plants in a workspace can help boost productivity and combat anxiety while working. That gives enough aesthetic stimulation that is not too distracting but just present enough to make the space more alive and feel less rigid or restrictive. On top of that, this can help foster your creativity, especially if you pick out your own special touches.

Steer clear of putting distractions

clear your work station

Try to avoid putting anything recreational on your work desk or in your workspace. Of course, now and then, you’ll want to take a break, but if consoles, gadgets, and other distractions are right in the vicinity of your work, it may be too attractive and end up hampering your worktime even if you try to multitask. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of social media scrolling as most people end up spending longer scrolling and chatting than they may realize.

Make sure the lighting is good

The right lighting can affect your mood and, in turn, on how efficiently you can work. From the brightness to the hue you choose, you can adjust how much focus you can have and how your energy levels are. On top of that, bad lighting can cause migraines and eye strain that won’t do you any favors when you’re doing important things.

With these in mind, you can adjust your work area on how it should be. This way, you can focus more on the tasks you need to accomplish.

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