Disposing of Old Cars: Sell, Scrap, Trade, or Donate

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According to the Department for Transport in the United Kingdom, there are approximately 5.5 million old cars on Britain’s roads. Most of these vehicles are over 13 years old. This reveals that a lot of people in the UK use their old cars up to now. While many want to purchase a new one, they couldn’t because they still have an old car in the garage. Some people think about disposing of the vehicle but fail to do so because of various circumstances.

Are you one of those who are thinking, 'Should I scrap my old car?' If yes, this article can help you decide what to do with it. There are tons of options that you can choose from. You just have to pick the one you think will give you the best yield.


If your car is still usable, you can try selling it on your own or through a car dealership. However, you need to understand that old and used cars are sold at a lower price compared to brand new ones.

You might also need to make some repairs and improvements to your vehicle. Doing these will give you a better chance of selling your car at a higher price. However, you should still consider if all the improvements will be worth it. If you have a limited budget, just focus on getting essential repairs to improve the vehicle’s performance.


You can get rid of your car by contacting a scrap collector. You can sell your old car to them and they can collect your car in no time.

Just make sure that they are an authorized treatment facility (ATF). Check out if they are also registered and licensed to operate by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). These facilities will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which is required by the DVLA.


You can take your old vehicle to a car dealer and trade it for a new one. The value of your old car will be deducted to the total fee that you will pay in getting a new car. Don’t forget to negotiate the best prices for the new vehicle that you want to get after trading your old one.


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There are some non-profit organisations that accept old car donations. They can decide what to do with it after you turn your old car over to them. Some of them repair old cars and sell it to raise fund for charity programs.

Although you won’t earn anything from donating the car, you will still have an advantage. You can file a claim for a tax deduction from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can contact a tax professional to help you with this process.

You can choose whichever method to dispose of your old car. But, you need to make sure that you price it depending on its overall condition. You can always consult a professional car dealer and other experts to assist you with the process. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide on which method is best to get rid of your old car today.

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