Biggest Promo Product Trends for 2019

Promotional product design

When people talk about promotional products, they assume that it is all about T-shirts and other wearable promo ads. But now, the concept of promotional products has so many variations that you will find one that will fit your business. There are so many trends that went viral from the previous years, and they are still relevant until today. Technological products are always on the list. Together with them are a few drinkware products as well. However, there are a few new emerging trends that can become a game changer for 2019. Here are a few popular promotional product trends that you need to consider in 2019.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Clients these days are now looking for promotional products that serve a purpose. One way of ensuring that is by incorporating environmentally friendly promo ads to your list of products. Opting to have this kind of option is excellent. It holds true, especially with areas banning single-use plastic bags. You can choose merchandise such as tote bags and tumblers for your promo products.

Mobile Phone Peripherals

Everyone carries a mobile phone with them anywhere they go. That is why it is only practical to use this window of opportunity to your advantage. Since most people have a smartphone in their hands, using phone accessories as promo ads is a great marketing strategy. It is a trend that started in 2018 but continues to become popular up until this year. To ensure that your promo product will be successful, you need to focus on the quality of your merchandise. It is best to work with printing services in Bakersfield to ensure the quality of the products.

Wellness-centered Merchandise

Woman holding shopping bagsPeople can never get enough of health and wellness products these days. Thus, expect to see several promotional items under this section. Most merchandise often targets employees and millennials who want to have a work-life balance. A few of these items include vouchers for spa days as well as water bottles. Most wellness-centered merchandise is perfect for potential clients and even your employees. Not only do these products keep your employees satisfied, but they are also an ideal PR strategy for your business.

Memory Sticks

One of the most useful promo products that you can consider is memory sticks. Although they are not as popular as before, they are still a fantastic promo product for everyone. These products are affordable and durable at the same time. They are also perfect for B2B audiences. They allow B2B businesses to send vital elements of their brands from other companies without a problem. You can save a few useful information such as PDF guides into a memory stick so that the end user can see it.

These are a few of the trends that you can always consider when choosing a promo product for your company. Remember to select the product that reflects your brand. Doing so will let your target market remember your company. You can also check other unique items that you can use as promo products. Choosing products that companies don’t commonly use can set yourself apart from everybody else.

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