Corporate Well-Being: How Helping Address Employee Health Pain Points Can Benefit Your Business

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No entrepreneur wants their business profitability to suffer. This is why entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to improve business efficiency, productivity, and revenue. We spend thousands of dollars on marketing the brand and buying the latest tools and equipment. We do market and competitor research in hopes of getting ahead while exploring every option to meet consumer needs.

But in reality, failure to also factor in corporate wellbeing can only add to your entrepreneur stress.

Why Investing in Corporate Well-Being Makes Sense

Corporate wellbeing refers to any program that aims to help employees improve their health and wellness. There are numerous wellness programs that now exist in many organizations that changed their employees’ lives for the better. No matter how small businesses may be, wellness has wide-reaching perks that extend beyond better employee health.

Helping employees solve their health and wellness pain points offers numerous benefits. For one, this helps reduce sickness and absences, improve their performance and maintain higher productivity levels. The healthier your employees get, the more energy they have to work on their responsibilities.

Other perks of corporate wellbeing include the following:

Reduce Presenteeism

We know that absence and sickness can cause delays in production. But what many employers fail to realize is that presenteeism also happens when employees are unhappy and unhealthy. Presenteeism refers to the habit of employees choosing to go to work even if they are not fit to do so.

Ill-health prevents any worker to perform their best no matter what tasks they are in charge of accomplishing. They drag themselves out of bed just to clock in at work and try to “get by” until the time they can finally head back home. This often results in less productivity, increases the chances of the worker making errors, and even putting themselves and others at risk of injury.

Improve Staff Retention

Just because a company has to constantly recruit, hire, and train new employees already meant business is booming. Staff retention is a big issue especially in organizations where corporate wellbeing is nonexistent. The higher the turnover rate, the lower the employee morale, the higher the expenses, and the lower your offer quality gets.

Improve Employee Morale

The healthier your employees are, the happier they get and the more likely they are to stay in the company. Employees who feel valued and cared for feel more obliged to work harder in order to compensate their company. Numerous statistics show the link between employee wellness and engagement.

Investing in Corporate Wellbeing

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There are many things you can do to start showing your employees you care about their health and wellness. It is important to note that there are many types of wellness. Touching at least three dimensions of corporate wellness can help you reap the best results.

Invest in their Physical wellness

This refers to one’s physical health and can be achieved through routine checkups, proper diet, adequate sleep, enough exercise, and avoiding destructive habits. Most brands now offer healthier food options in their company pantry and canteen. Others offer free gym membership while others offer their employee free onsite or nearby healthcare services.

Giving your employees the chance to enjoy free checkups proves to be an excellent way to ensure they are fit to work and can have expert opinion on how to boost their health and wellness. A licensed professional can prescribe the necessary medications, like chewable iron tablets for employees with iron deficiency. With free checkups, your employees will no longer have any excuse to skip a doctor’s appointment especially when absolutely necessary.

Other companies came up with a “nap room” and game room at work. These two rooms aim to provide employees with a place meant for entertainment and relaxation. Nap rooms help employees catch up some extra sleep while game rooms help improve staff creativity while giving them a place to decompress and have fun.

Don’t Ignore Their Mental Wellness

Millennials continue to challenge the modern workplace by being more vocal about their mental health. Thanks to their initiatives, many organizations now recognize the employees’ need for mental health breaks. Some offer remote work opportunities, a more flexible work schedule, or even the ability to use sick and paid leaves for mental health days.

Consider Intellectual Wellness

Many employees leave their company due to many reasons. But most of the time, one of their concern is the lack of room for career growth. They feel like they are no longer growing, there are no more challenges at work, and that there is no new learning that will help boost their career. Helping employees recognize their full career potential by taking interest in their career goals, encouraging mentoring, promoting learning and training as well as prioritizing succession planning are keys to keeping the best talents within your organization.

Entrepreneurs can no longer deny the importance of corporate wellbeing in the modern workplace. If you want to retain and attract the best talents, it is time you do your part in improving corporate wellbeing. With your employees being undeniable business assets, it is time you turn your brand into a more employee-centric business.

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