A Deep-Cleaning Guide for Every Major Room at Home

bedroom cleaning

The kitchen is prone to dirt and grime since it is the most used room of the house. Pay attention to the different parts of the kitchen as there may be some build-up. You also hang out and spend time with other people in common areas of the house.

It’s essential to keep cleanliness around the house, and everyone should understand that various rooms at home should be treated differently when deep cleaning.


Because deep cleaning requires getting into the deepest darkest corners of the house, it helps to make sure you’re all geared up for it.

  • Days before the big day, take on light cleaning tasks like cleaning the coffeemaker, doing laundry and dishes, sanitising kitchen counters, etc.
  • Think about how you’re going to survive the day. Will it be doable within one day? Would you need to ask for help from housekeeping services?
  • Check your janitorial supplies. Bottles for cleaning agents should at least be more than half the bottle. The mop, hose, sponges, rags, etc. should be in good condition to avoid inconveniences during cleaning.
  • Get enough rest. It’s going to be a bigger job than you expect. Maybe you could treat it like you’re preparing for a sporting event!


Wipe the cabinets

Grease splatter may be all over the outside of the cabinets. To wipe it down, apply vinegar on the cabinet and wipe it with hot water. Dry it out immediately so that the material of the cabinet doesn’t absorb the moisture.

Dust may also be accumulated on top of the cabinets, but this can easily be cleaned by a wet cloth or a hand vacuum.

Clean and sanitise the fridge

Look out for expired products and throw them out. You should also defrost the freezer to completely clean out food debris to get rid of the fishy smell from the inside walls.


Soak the toilet and bathtub

Soaking helps soften stubborn stains for an easier time cleaning when you get to scrubbing. This can be done while cleaning other parts of the bathroom.

Scrub everything

scrubbing the bathroom tiles

From walls to floors, the entire bathroom should be scrubbed to get rid of accumulated soap and grease. Remember that this build-up is the culprit for slippery floors. Use cleaning agents to kill bacteria and break down dirt.

Wipe the mirrors and shower door

These are prone to watermarks, and the more they build-up, the more stubborn they get. You can use vinegar and baking soda to wipe off stains and white spots.

Living spaces

Clean the cushions and carpets

Everyone who goes in your place makes use of the couch. It’s home to a lot of dirt and dust mites that can cause itch and discolouration on the upholstery. A hand vacuum can solve this problem.

While carpets should be regularly vacuumed, cleaning the carpets with a shampoo should take off stains. Using a steam cleaner should sanitise the carpets.

Polish furniture

Take off all your stuff on top of all the furniture to dust and polish them. This will allow you to reach hidden dust in all the corners and will get rid of scratches on furniture. You can use furniture polish, mineral oil, stain pen, or wood cleaner.

A clean environment will put you in the right headspace to do any task you need to accomplish. Whether it’s a place to relax, spend time with the people you love, or work, the house is a place where you should be able to find solitude, and one way to achieve that is by keeping it clean.

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