Types of Printers Available in the Market Today

Close up printer ink jet cartridge by selective focus

Many people believe that printed materials are more fetching than digital advertisements. If you have a business and you have the desire to get the attention of your customers, large format printing services will help you boost brand recognition because oversized printing promotes better visibility.

Aside from large-scale printing, you get to learn the different types of printing technology available today. You should contemplate with a number of factors before buying a printer to get the desired quality of your photo printing project. Here are the printers available today:

Inkjet Printer

The inkjet printer is a printing device that produces print by minute jets of ink. The copy that it can produce can have a resolution from at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) up to 9600 dpi or more, depending on the model. This printer sprays the ink onto the paper known as the ‘drop on demand’ process — one signal is one droplet. There are two types, such as the following:

Drop on Demand Thermal: This technology uses a thermal heater to heat the ink inside the print cartridge with a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204.44 degrees Celsius), causing the ink to expand and shoot through the jet.

Drop on Demand Piezo: Unlike ‘Drop on Demand Thermal’ printer, ‘Drop on Demand Piezo’ printing device utilizes a permanent print head in which the electrical charge is applied to the cartridge nozzles. When this happens, the ink is forcefully dissipated from the nozzle onto the media.

The Inkjet printer works best for basic home printing — documents and emails. A lot of home offices have this type of printing device. It’s also ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. Drop on Demand Piezo cartridge stays longer under heavy usage, typically can last a minimum of one year compared to its counterpart.

Laser Printer

The laser printer has a principal element called photoreceptor. It makes printout copies by utilizing a toner — a powdered ink.  This is made possible because the laser printer’s photoreceptor negatively charges and the laser beam scans back and forth in the laser printer’s drum with the help of the static electricity. The unit bonds the toner to the paper when the laser beam scans back and forth across a drum inside the laser printer.

Laser printers are similar to photocopiers. They are also ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, and they work faster than inkjet printers.

Multi-function Printer

Aside from just printing, there is a device that you can find on the market that has added features. Multi-function printers can copy, scan, and fax. These units are beneficial in businesses for collaborative experience, streamlining your workflow, and simplifying your home office needs.

There are also specialty printers that fall outside the standard printer parameters. Examples are mobile printers and 3D printers. They serve for distinct purposes, such as printing on non-standard paper size and materials.

Large-scale Printer

Large scale printer

Wide-format printers can make a decal that can cover an entire wall of a building. A lot of businesses are satisfied with this state-of-the-art device when it comes to making large graphics and posters to pursue their marketing campaigns.

Find the printer that fits your lifestyle and business. If you want to promote your commerce, you can find success with a broad presentation of print because people will be more likely to remember and act on it. Work with a reliable printing service provider near you.

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