Tips for Keeping Your Business Agile

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In this day and age, the business world is moving faster than ever. It is imperative for your business to be as nimble and agile as possible to respond to the changing business landscapes. Keeping your business agile is one of the key ways to ensure growth and productivity for your company.

What is an Agile Organization?

An agile organization is one that can quickly change and adapt to changes in the market. With a high level of organizational agility, companies can react successfully to new competitors, industry-changing technology, or sudden market shifts. This kind of organization is designed for dynamism and stability.

How to Keep Your Business Agile

If you want your business to become agile, here are a few tips that you can follow which will give you agile results without necessarily having to learn a new management approach.

Be Open to Change

The key to remaining relevant in such a fast-moving business world is the ability to evolve and adapt to change. If your company is open to change, you will profit because you aren’t closing the door on potential. You will also become more skillful in lessening the effect that outside forces may have on your company.

Use Technology

Make use of the many beneficial applications, like vendor management from ServiceNow, which can help you automate and streamline your process. Additionally, you can become agile with cloud computing technology. This technology offers affordable options for businesses that are still growing. Cloud computing technology is especially useful for companies with a remote workforce.

Make Rapid Changes


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Change happens, whether you want it to or not. This is good, as growth cannot happen without change. Luckily, the agile methodology has flexibility and adaptability built in.

In order to make rapid changes, the decision maker must be present in the actual development process and then make a quick decision that will help the project and the business move forward.

The Daily Scrum

A scrum, in this context, is a meeting that is usually held in the morning, when everyone can attend and before work gets started. It helps engage team members and keeps them on track with their tasks. A daily scrum usually lasts around 15 minutes, which keeps the discussion brisk and relevant. It is usually held in an open area in the office. Team members typically stand rather than sit, and are made to state their tasks for the day. The overall goal of a scrum is to keep the projects up-to-date and on task, as well as to eliminate any potential obstacles.


There are many benefits to having open communication in your company. While not everything should be shared with everyone, it’s still best to maintain an atmosphere of transparency, by which new plans, stumbling blocks, successes, and decisions both big and small are communicated to the members of the team.

If you implement these aspects, you can build and maintain your business’ agility. You will be able to begin reshaping your company in a way that creates progress and growth while eliminating obstacles.

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