Offsite Meetings: The Value of Taking Corporate Meetings Outside of Office

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When we hear of the words corporate meeting, we often associate it with the feeling of dread. Admit it, there is just something about off-white walls, projector screens, and enclosed spaces that makes us feel bored.

Statistics suggest that an average employee usually spends more than 30 hours sitting on an unproductive meeting every month. Even the majority of senior managers agree that business meetings are inefficient and unproductive ways companies are spending their time.

Since corporate meetings have gotten quite a lot of bad raps over the years, companies nowadays opt to hold business meetings outside their own premises. Such is a smart move because several benefits come along with conducting business meetings outside of the office.

Why Take Meetings Outside of the Boardroom

As mentioned, there are many advantages enjoyed by both employees and management in holding off-site corporate meetings. Below are some of its benefits.

Break the Monotony

Even a simple tweak such as altering the venue could break the seemingly monotonous atmosphere of a business meeting. Employees feel more relaxed in a casual environment. When people are at ease, they tend to be more open and honest about their ideas. This is not something you can achieve in a stiff boardroom meeting where people feel more tense and serious.

Spark Creativity

A change of scenery goes a long way in sparking creativity to your team. When people sit in the same stale room for years, you cannot expect them to come up with mind-altering business ideas. Employees tend to be disengaged during boring meetings. But by taking your meetings outside of office grounds, a breath of fresh air can both literally and figuratively impact your employees’ performance positively.

Foster Camaraderie

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Water-cooler intrigues and political dramas are common scenarios in the office. However, when employees in a company feel like they are friends and family, all of those would disintegrate. People feel “more human” when they are outside the office environment. Research suggests that employee performance increases to 20 percent when they are able to interact better with their colleagues and bosses.

Boost Morale

Lack of appreciation is one of the top reasons why employees resign from an organization. Planning a destination corporate meeting is a great way of saying thank you to your staff. Instead of employees dreading another time spent in the conference room, treat them to some luxurious trip. Not only will your employees feel relaxed, but it will promote long-term productivity and boosts morale.

See the Bigger Picture

Having meetings outside of the conference room allows you to step back and see the larger issues your company is facing. Allowing your staff to take a break from their daily grind offers you an opportunity to let your employees understand the bigger picture. Furthermore, employees feel more motivated to give their best when they see that they are an integral part of the team.

How to Take Meetings Out of the Office

If you want your off-site business meetings to be productive and successful, here are some surefire suggestions to help you with it.

Out of Town Trip

Destination corporate meetings are a great way to discuss with your team major company moves. Why is that so? Interaction of employees tends to be different when they are outside the work environment. As mentioned, they are more relaxed and more eager to voice out their opinions.

When planning a destination meeting, the first thing on the checklist should be to establish a clear purpose and goal for your meeting. That way, you can easily streamline other details to ensure a successful and productive out-of-town conference.

Consider Hiking

Another great idea for holding an off-site meeting is by going on a hike. Other than getting everyone physically active, walking meetings helps your employees stay focused, energetic, and creative. People bond easily when they do activities together.

But if your team is not up for a trail hike, you may opt to take them fishing. Fishing activity has the same effect when you take your team on a walk. So, shop now at your local fishing store for equipment and gears to get your team ready for your next business conference.

Eat Out With Your Team

It is of no doubt people bond better with food. For your next corporate meeting, consider taking your team for a meal. Studies have shown that people who share meals tend to collaborate better. Also, employees are more eager to pitch their ideas when food is included on the agenda. Team meals do not have to be fancy. It could just be a simple food truck or lunch at a nearby cafe.

Apart from investing time and money to help your team release more of their creative juices, do not forget other important details such as documents, laptops, or internet connection when taking meetings outside the corporate office. A seamless and well-prepared off-site business meeting will surely add to your company’s success.

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