Know What You are Doing With the Right Data Collection Methods

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If you want to succeed in business, then you will need to understand your customers and the market. This will allow you to make the right business decisions and take your business in the right direction. The question is how exactly are you going to go about it.

There are several data gathering methods available out there. Here are some of the more effective ones:


Detailed interviews of your customers are probably one of the preferred choices for getting data. Personal interviews are the most effective but phone or online questioning can serve in a pinch. Interviews are great because they allow your people to gain a better understanding of the customer base.

Your interviewers can go into details easily, especially if they are curious about some particulars. The problem with this approach is that it is very time-consuming. You might be able to do a fraction of these interviews compared to the other approaches available.


Surveys are a good example of a data-gathering approach made better by the use of technology. In the past, paper surveys would be sent out but their collection and collation were difficult. With the onset of the internet, surveys are easier and more effective. When done online, you don’t have to do much. All you need to do is send out the link and wait for people to answer, encouraged by promo offers.

All the data collected is sent to you and your reliable survey software tools can immediately start working on the response so that you can get solid numbers. Online surveys are simple and direct, so they get the job done.

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Transaction Data

Another source of information about your customers can come from your own online store. There is a wealth of data in each purchase. When a person buys from you, you learn what they bought, how much they spent, the promos they used, and how they paid. This data may seem innocent but combined with the data from all of your customers, you can get a good picture of your customer base and make some decisions.

For example, you notice that many of your buyers prefer to use credit cards. You could then focus on accepting more credit cards on your online store and making the payment process smoother.

Online Data

Analyzing your online marketing can also reveal some things about your customer base. When people visit your website or click on your ads, they leave clues behind for you to pick up on. For example, you might notice that the page for one of your products is experiencing large amounts of traffic. This could mean there is a high interest in it. You can then push that product more aggressively or try to develop others like it.

When making business decisions, it is often a good idea to do it with all the necessary information. That is why gathering data from your customers is important. The methods outlined above should help with gathering the information quickly and correctly. It will then be up to you to decide on how to analyze the data and to make the appropriate steps.

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