Pandemic-proof Branding: How to Boost Your Brand Awareness


There’s more to a brand than meets the eye. It isn’t just a representation of your business image and identity. It also conveys a message and communicates with your consumers. When resonated well with your target customers, it can translate into customer engagement, lead generation, sales conversion, and customer loyalty.

Having critical and thoughtful branding is all the more imperative during this global health crisis. As consumers are highly critical, they will choose to patronize only those highly trusted and reliable brands. That’s why you must do what it takes to boost your brand amidst the pandemic. The ultimate goal is to increase your brand recognition.

Fret not, as we’ve rounded up some practical branding tips for you. Here’s how to boost your brand awareness during the pandemic:

1. Understand your business deeply

Before implementing your branding strategies, you must first understand your business deeply. It goes beyond asking what your business is all about and what products or services it offers. It’s about identifying and assessing your business values, ideals, and philosophies. When you know your business core, you’ll be able to incorporate it into your branding. Whether your brand logo, designs, or other elements, you’ll have a brand that truly represents your business.

2. Know your target consumers

Once you truly understand your business, you must know your target consumers more deeply as well. Especially during this pandemic, you have to know their needs and wants. Along with this is to identify their goals, motivations, and even frustrations. To do so, be sure to conduct research and perform due diligence. Your ultimate goal is to come up with your customer persona—your target customers. Once done, you won’t have a hard time aligning your branding with your target consumers.

3. Create a value proposition

Once you deeply understand your business and target consumers, be sure to create a value proposition. Ask yourself how your business can provide value to your customers. Once you answer this question, you’ll be able to integrate this value into your brand messaging. Know that branding isn’t just about creating logos, icons, designs, and other elements. It’s about being able to convey a powerful message that resonates with your customers. So be sure to incorporate your value proposition into your marketing implementation plan.

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4. Be consistent across all platforms

When it comes to branding, consistency is the key. Be sure to use the same logos, graphic designs, colors, and other branding identifiers across all your digital platforms. Whether on your website or social media channels, they must be as consistent as possible. If not, your customers will most likely get confused, and they will have no recall of your brand at all. That can have an impact on your business sales and profits.

5. Harness the power of content

When we talk about branding, it immediately conjures an image of your logo and other branding elements. However, think about how you can incorporate your branding elements into your content. As you may be aware, content is king in the digital world. If you consistently produce and publish valuable content pieces with branding on the side, your consumers will immediately identify your business.

6. Be authentic

In recent years, authenticity has become a game-changer in the world of business. Why? Consumers have become more highly critical and selective in choosing a business. They have become sick and tired of companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that sugarcoat their brands without actually delivering. Consumers demand personalized experiences and opt for businesses that truly value their customers. So when creating and maintaining a brand, be sure to be as authentic as possible.

7. Have social responsibility

We now live in a modern world where businesses have social responsibilities. Companies and SMEs no longer exist to make money; they have the social obligation to give back to the communities. In fact, consumers will most likely patronize businesses and purchase their products if they know these businesses have a social responsibility. If you’re one of them, be sure to incorporate this into your branding strategies. Be sure to post behind-the-scenes (BTS) showing how your business helps the community.

At this point, you now know what proper branding entails in a pandemic. As outlined above, understand your business, know your target consumers, create a value proposition, and be consistent across all platforms. While you’re at it, harness the power of content, stay authentic, and have social responsibility. With all these crucial steps, you’ll put your brand in the spotlight — a household name that caters to consumer needs.

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