Function and Fashion: Can You Really Combine the Two?

Girl feel cold outside

Winter outfits can sometimes look unflattering due to their bulky appearance. But it wouldn’t be wise not to wear them when it’s freezing outside. You might end up with hypothermia for your troubles.

So how do you stay warm while still looking fashionable?

Combine Fashion and Function

Combining these two can be challenging since they don’t often go together, especially when it comes to winter outfits. Winter clothes need to be warm enough, which often means that they have to be bulky, too.

Finding the middle ground in this endeavor can be hard since you might be forced to sacrifice one feature in order to accommodate another. Perhaps you might have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort to make your sweater more appealing, but then you might not have the proper insulation to keep your body warm.

Fortunately, technology has made it easier to mesh fashion and functionality together, and women’s sweaters from Obermeyer are making waves in their quest to keep your body warm without making you look like Santa.

Stay Warm Without the Bulk

women shopping for sweatersObermeyer uses a vast array of insulation systems to keep your body warm, but at the same time, their fabrics are flexible and thin enough to ensure that you’re mobile. They use flexible fabrics to keep wearers warm without sacrificing the ability to be mobile.

They figured that one of the most annoying features of sweaters or winter outfits is that they’re too bulky that you can’t move freely. This can be annoying if you’re trying to ski down a challenging slope and you need to be flexible enough to make those sharp turns.

So what Obermeyer does is use fabrics that are stretchable but well insulated. Using nature’s tricks, they were able to maintain their sweaters’ function of keeping your body warm while being fashionable still by using old-fashioned technology.

They use down feathers as an insulator in their sweaters and jackets because this material is very effective in trapping heat inside while preventing cold air from penetrating the fabric.

Stay Dry, Too

Obermeyer also uses technology that will keep your body dry. They call it HydroBlock system, which ensures that your outfit will prevent moisture and even water (up to a certain point) from entering through the fabric.

Wearing a waterproof sweater or jacket can be useful if you want to hike in the mountains and the temperature is a bit low and the air is a bit moist because staying dry is a sure way to keep yourself warm.

Obermeyer didn’t stop at using down feathers to keep their customers warm. They have gone the extra mile and determined which areas of the body need further insulation. They call it “body mapping” and with this technology, they are able to figure out where to add layers and where to minimize layers so that a person’s body stays warm without sacrificing the ability to move freely.

Fashion and functionality often disagree with each other, but Obermeyer is able to mesh the two together seamlessly, creating women and men’s sweaters that both look good and function well in keeping a person warm throughout.

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