Doing Customer Engagement the Smart Way

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One of the key drivers of success in business nowadays is customer engagement. This is because people are looking for something beyond good deals and good products. They want someone they can trust and connect with. Companies can use that fact to their advantage by presenting themselves as someone that customers can work with to get what they want. There are multiple ways to reach out to customers and here are some of the more effective strategies right now:

Social Media Engagement

Your company’s Facebook profile goes beyond just being a place to post memes and funny videos. It is the ideal place to connect and engage with your customers. Most companies use it to just connect – they never do the engagement part. This is where having a dedicated social media team is going to pay dividends.

Your team will need to monitor your page 24/7 and provide immediate or at least timely answers and responses to any customer that engages with your page. They also need to be good and friendly responses that aim to please or at least not anger the customer. Your customer base will love the attention and every happy customer is a potential sale.

Affiliate and Loyalty Programs

If there is anything that will keep your customers connected to you is loyalty and affiliate programs. Loyalty programs reward return customers. This makes them feel like you value them and customers like that feeling. Affiliate programs are even better. These customers are not just staying your customers but they are also bringing more customers to you.

The important thing about these programs is that you have to have rewards that are worth the effort. You need to encourage them to come back and use those loyalty points. This can range from personalized loyalty rewards or deep discounts. Do the math and come up with something creative that they won’t get anywhere else. This makes them feel even more special and loyal.

Email Campaigns

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Customer engagement is also necessary for drawing in new customers. You most likely have a list of potential clients and their email addresses. Use that to your advantage and just send a cold email. Don’t limit yourself either. Work with professionals to widen your reach. Websites like can help you with your marketing goals. Work with them so that you can reach more clients.

The important thing to remember is that your email should matter. People get spam emails every day, so you need to go beyond that. Personalize content and present a professional face to your future customers and you will have a good chance.

Slack and Discord Channels

Slack and Discord are today’s chat rooms of choice. They are the perfect venues to create a community and grow it. Have a team that will handle these channels and engage with your customers to brainstorm about future products and campaigns.

It is o highly important to connect with your customers. Without this connection, you will have a hard time delivering what they want or letting them know what you have. The strategies above should provide the bridge that you need to reach out to your customer base.

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