Business Security Breaches You Should Note

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Security breaches are one of the most problematic and damaging attacks that can happen to a workplace. They are a constant threat that looms over different enterprises. On average, over 25,000 records are affected by breaches and result in theft, unauthorized access, and worst of all, data loss. These malicious attacks can cost millions of dollars to businesses and can even result in a significant halt in production and a possible shut down.

Part of being well-prepared for these situations is knowing what risks are out there, like these:

Microsoft Office

Office 365 has been the norm for many business solutions because of its price point and convenience in providing various workplace applications as well as cloud data management like OneDrive, Outlook, and more. With consistent updates and security patches, it serves as a significant resource for any office. However, that also means that it can be one of the prime targets for malicious attacks.

Office 365 accounts are still widely hackable, and Microsoft does not automatically back up data. On top of that, it has an automatic system that only retains deleted files for 14 days before completely removing them. When an account is compromised, gigabytes of data stored across devices can vanish just like that with no chance of recovery. To make sure that you won’t be a victim of major data, you should look into email protection for Office 365 that provides both protection against phishing as well as backup solutions if data deletion does occur.

Social media

While security essentials often focus on protecting the network built in the office, it’s also essential to monitor channels that are frequently accessed by employees. Social media hacks are one of the most common breaches in privacy in the online world, and they are all too easy as stepping stones used by hackers to get into office devices and files.

The worldwide data breach index shows that over 25 million records are lost or stolen every day through social media breaches. It is the kind of security risk that needs more stout monitoring. It has caused the likes of Google+ to stop their services altogether. One of the easiest ways attackers achieve this is by leveraging on human error and easily compromised passwords.

Thumb drive

USB Drives and Hard Drives

These storage devices remain one of the most important data centers that can be hacked into in several ways, even if they’re not “online.” Physical theft remains a vital thing to keep an eye on. It should also be noted that when people reformat their drives and think they’ve “wiped” everything, these drives often still contain data that can be leaked when placed in the wrong hands. Make sure a trusted source handles these and manages data accordingly.

Research from IBM reveals that the average time it takes to identify and contain a breach is 279 days. That is equivalent to almost a year’s worth of possible losses and compromised privacy and security. The best practice is to enact better data safety practices and invest in security programs and systems.

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