A Concert Virgin? Here’s How to Prepare for Your First Show

concert show

You finally got those tickets! Congratulations! We understand how excited you are to see your favorite artist and the concert setup in Idaho, but it’s essential to be as prepared as you can before a gig, especially if it’s your first.

It’s going to be even more challenging if you got general admission floor tickets with no assigned seats.  Everyone is going to be as excited as you are, and things may not go as you expected (it happens!).

But, if you do your research and prepare all the essentials, you’re definitely going to have one of the best times of your life.

Wear something comfy

Concerts are fun, but they can also be very tiring. For all-standing shows, you’ll have to queue early if you want to get a good spot. You’ll have to stand for hours if there are no assigned seats, and you’ll also have to wait in long lines before you can get into the venue.

This is why it’s highly important to dress as comfortably as possible. Of course, we’re not telling you to forgo style, but keep in mind that for concerts, it should always be comfort over style at all times. Thankfully, you can be both.

If you’re seeing your favorite artist live for the first time, you’d want to look your best while still being comfy. Forget about high heels and open-toed shoes. Wear some cute sneakers instead. Also, do not bring a huge bag with you.

Only take those that are absolutely necessary – your phone, keys, wallet, a bottle of water, and of course, your ticket.

Go to the venue early

crowd raising their hands at concert

One of the great things about GA tickets is that you can get close to the stage without having to pay extra, which is a perk for most VIP packages. If you can get to the venue hours before the doors open, you can expect to get the barricade or at the least, the front block.

Keep in mind, however, that all other concertgoers will also try to get there as early as you can. The earlier, the better, but camping out is not recommended. Make sure you’ve had meals and are adequately hydrated before lining up.

Take some earplugs with you

Covering your ears may sound a little strange at first – after all, you’re going to a concert to enjoy some music. But, using earplugs at a show will not hinder your experience at all. It will protect your ears from all the incredibly loud sounds.

And if you get a high-quality one, you’ll be surprised at how it can filter all the unnecessary noise and allow you to enjoy the music truly. Wear them as soon as you get to the venue, especially if it’s a small live house where you can hear the musicians do their soundcheck even from the outside.

The loud amplifier feedback, intense drumming, and all the other instruments can cause headaches, so you’d want to keep yourself protected from all these noisy, painful surprises.

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