5 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights Online

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Intellectual property consists of any original inventions, discoveries, ideas, and work made by an organization or a single person. It has become more valuable than any physical asset, with IP theft costing companies in the US as much as $600 billion annually.

Intellectual property protection has become crucial for businesses, especially those who rely on online platforms to promote their business or share their services, like a wedding, commercial, or a boutique video production company.

To help you protect what you’ve worked so hard for, here are some ways you can protect your intellectual property online.

Register for the Three Pillars of IP Protection

One way you can protect your services online is by registering videos, soundtracks, images, and other forms of content with copyright, trademark, and patent.

These three forms of IP protection grants you the legal rights to everything:

  • Copyright – You can apply this claim to solid creative works or ideas. This form of IP protection expires after 70 years of the death of the original creator.
  • Trademark – You can apply this to your company’s logo or catchphrase, protecting them from commercial saboteurs. It doesn’t have any expiration date, but it’s wise if you file a Section 8 declaration to verify you’re still actively using the IP.
  • Patent – This allows you to exclude other parties from recreating or distributing your creations unless you permit them to do it.

These three ensure all your creations are protected, and violations among these forms of IP protection are the easiest to detect online.

Know the Tools That Can Help Protect IP Online

There’s an increase in software tools that anyone can use to track documents and other forms of intellectual property. For instance, data loss prevention tools are quickly becoming a vital element for many online security providers because they can pinpoint IP and monitor how they’re being used and by whom.

Establish Non-Disclosure Agreements Within Your Company

There are times when you may have information that you’d like to protect from the general public’s view. For instance, when you’re making a video but don’t want information about it getting leaked before you’re ready to publish it. You can protect this sensitive information by letting your staff sign non-disclosure agreements. It’s wise to hire lawyers to write the non-disclosure agreement to avoid any complications.

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Register for Domain Names

Besides making your business have a more professional look, having a domain name also protects your IP even if you’re in the planning stages. It protects your IP before others can come with a similar concept. You can register for domain names online.

Incorporate Several Online Security Measures

Although the advancements in technology have helped many businesses improve their operations, it also made them vulnerable to file corruption or hackers. That’s why you need to incorporate strong security measures within your business’s IT structure to protect it against online hazards.

Here are different ways you can incorporate strong online security measures:

  • When using business accounts, ensure you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to make it harder for potential hackers.
  • Encrypt all data.
  • Set up password protection for all networks and use two-factor authentication.

Although protecting intellectual property wasn’t a big deal in the past, with information becoming more accessible due to technology, many original creations are at risk. Protect your ideas, inventions, and business by incorporating the methods mentioned, keeping you ahead of the game.

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